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Plexus Slim the most natural,healthiest system on the market for weight loss, “IT WORKS”. Plexus assist the body in getting healthy by balancing the blood sugar, cholesterol levels, lipid levels. PLEXUS SLIM is diabetic friendly.With an amazing side effect “WEIGHT LOSS”

We all know that being overweight has become a world-wide epidemic. In addition we struggle with clothes not fitting, no energy, no self-esteem. Being over-weight can lead to dramatic chances of being diagnosed with many health conditions,such as Heart disease,Cholesterol,Fibromyalgia,Osteoarthritis,depression,Urinary Incontinence,Gout,Gallbladder Disease,Gastro esophageal Re-flux,Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and yes the big C – CANCER,. Many who have experienced diseases their health has improved with weight loss. 


















Things to consider:

95% of diets & weight loss programs fail.

8 out of 10 Americans over the age of 25 are overweight.

175 million Americans are obese or somewhat overweight.

The worldwide number continue to go up,by 2030 theses numbers will double.

25.8 million children and adults in the United States (8.3% of the population) have diabetes.

(Source: Centers for Disease Control.)

There is a healthy solution to help one lose weight. The synergistic effect of PLEXUS SLIM & Accelerator taken together can help you lose more weight faster than you ever thought possible. Many are experiencing amazing results,with improved health. Let today be that day. Plexus will help you get to the root of the problem.

Plexus has 10 proven reasons why our product works !
1.Proven ingrediants
2.Speeds up weight loss and overcome plateaus
3.Curbs hunger & cravens
4.Boosts metabolism & Surpresses appetite
5.Plexus addresses other health issues
6.Synergistic Benefits
7.Increased Energy
9.Pain Relief
10.Support Breast Health

The ingredients in Plexus Slim are the most natural and are known for altering how glucose is absorbed after a meal, for being an appetite suppressant, as well as for being a antioxidant. Plexus Slim does not contain any caffeine or stimulants.

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Many people have had amazing results with Plexus Slim products. Get ready for a life changing experience, There is no failure except in no longer trying.

Ask yourself theses questions.
Are you tired of trying to lose weight?
After losing weight do you have the problem of keeping it off?
Have you always struggled with your weight? Is my health getting worse? Do you feel there is no hope,your destine to be overweight,run down,tired or an emotional wreck ?

I had the same questions and pretty sure same answers. Well I can say I don’t  struggle with my weight and health issues any more. Plexus has given me a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off, forever. Plexus Slim provides the most natural way to lose weight, burn fat and reduce inches without losing muscle. What makes Plexus so different is it assist in keeping blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at a normal and healthy level. Plexus Slim reduces those hunger pains and reduce binge eating that occurs when dieting while increasing your willpower over all food. Plexus Slim is a simple one step method a day. One bottle of water and one packet,pour,shake drink ! Taste like cherry pomegranate,naturally sweeten. Enjoy the taste,be patient and give your body time to become balanced naturally,while releasing toxins,shedding that fat. Plexus Order Page


 Plexus controls ones appetite, decreases the desire for carbohydrates and sugar cravings, experience less “brain-fog”, and increased energy to name a few. It is also proven that when one organ is functioning better, it causes the others to follow, leaving you feeling complete and in better health overall.

In addition Plexus slim assist in maintaining the blood pressure at a normal level, something that is really important for people that have cardiac affection. The Slim supplement includes various proven ingredients, such as the Garcinia Cambodgia, the Chlorogenic Acid and the Alpha Lipoic Acid.

You should remind yourself though that this is not a meal replacement, so you should try and eat as healthy and as varied as possible. Plexus has only the most natural elements that work, which is great for individuals that have tried everything with no results.

Plexus slim will assist you get over those desperate moments in which you really want to lose weight as fast as possible. So go ahead and enjoy a drink a day with life changing results just by taking PLEXUS SLIM, then go about your regular routine for the rest of the day. This revolutionary product will help you gain health and confidence back in your life. You will notice your cloths getting loser and what is even more exciting is knowing your insides are getting healthy and balanced.

All in all, Plexus  is an amazing product that has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and it can also help you right now. With amazing ingredients and lots of benefits for your body, it’s easy to see why it is the best product in its category. Go ahead and try it right now and you’ll be glad you gave it that chance.

Kim Fangue 832-775-5310

We have all seen the weight loss industry and market come up with a revolutionized supplement to assist with weight loss.  We are conditioned to run out and buy supplements that aren’t’ really burning fat or increasing metabolism.  PLEXUS on the other hand has had a high quality research team break down this weight loss nutrition to prove it’s a viable solution to break down fat and help shed inches.

There are many benefits to using Slim products  Not only does it assist you to lose weight but it boosts your immune system as well.

PLEXUS SLIM products  is the new authority nutrition, setting a new industry standard for weight loss, Slim helps with:
·   Rapid weight loss
·   Blood sugar balance and toxin excretion
·   Assists with lowering bad cholesterol
·   Assist in maintaining healthy and strong blood pressure
·   It’s favored for aiding in appetite control
·   It has shown motivation for individuals to increase will power
·   Helps keep energy levels high without a crash
·   Consistent long-term weight loss is maintained
Plexus works to promote weight loss through a special formula of plant-based extracts which have been proven to improve fat metabolism, control the appetite, and balance blood sugar levels. 


Reasons for the whole family to take probio5 daily !

To Enhance immunity, it has been shown to prevent chronic flues,allergies and colds away. Another reason when a mother takes probiotics it is shown to enhance her milk during or after pregnancy. If a mother can’t breast feed adding probiotics to formula can be beneficial. Talk to the pediatrician.
Probiotics can reverse ulcers, assist with irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and other gut inflammations that occur from a lack of sufficient probiotics. Another reason is to assist one that has Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity (GS) symptoms. Processed foods and low fiber diets allow the pathogenic bacteria to overwhelm the good guys and diminish colon function. It’s important to add probio5 to your families diet daily. Candida can flourish such a yeast infection when pathogenic bacteria upset the 85/15 balance of probiotic to bad bacteria.
A healthy gut flora balance helps prevent cancer by nourishing enzymes that inhibit tumor production throughout the body.
Sufficient probiotic intestinal flora prevents radiation damage from X-rays and CT scans to the large and small intestines.
The best results are obtained if probio5 are taken regularly, preferably daily, to replace bacteria lost via aging and lifestyle and environmental factors. When ones candida is aggressive weight loss is almost a failure every time !

Being overweight has become a worldwide EPIDEMIC
In fact, 8 out of 10 Americans over the age of 25 are considered overweight, while 174 million are classified overweight or obese. The numbers, which are rising at an alarming rate, is expected to double by the year 2030. While personal issues such as low self-esteem spring from being overweight, serious diseases are also caused by the problem, such as diabetes, heart ailments, cancer, stroke, arthritis and depression.To combat weight issues, people are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle, which boils down to eating right and exercising. For those who experience many failed attempts, turning to various products that claim to make weight loss miracles possible can be enticing. However, many customers often end up dealing with broken promises.Thank you for visiting my site, Have a blessed day! 
KIM FANGUE 832-775-5310



 This is Penny Warren, Penny I am so excited to finally be able to post this testimony! You see this is Chance, his mother Penny Renee Warren was one of my first ambassadors who did not believe all my Plexus information and by no means did her diabetic hubby want anything to do with it, well that is until sugar levels started dropping, weight started falling and their precious Chance started losing weight! They are all active and huge believers now, why?? They stayed with it, Change happens when you stay committed!!! So very proud of you Warren family, you all ROCK!! Congrats Chance for hanging in there, love you guys…. Penny pictured to the left writes, I was 278 lbs and on the list for lap band surgery with a bmi of 45. I yo yo dieted for 15 yrs, no luck. I got product from Kim and within days noticed a change, stepped on the scale I was blown away 8 pounds! I called Kim and said sign me up. I need this it was so simple, took my cravings away, more energy. I am now 219 lbs, still some to go but, not a problem. I am healthier, happier. I went from a size 24 to a 16. Thank you Plexus, thank you Kim!! Oh did I mention the money, love my Plexus checks. Penny tells her son story: This is my 12 year old son Chance. He has a sluggish thyroid, a sweet tooth along with other health conditions but, not anymore. A year ago he got to his biggest weight and asked if he could try plexus,so glad we did,look at him now. My healthy,beautiful son,thank you Plexus slim.

 This is Kimberly Copeland, Kim was a size 14 when she started now she is down 32 pounds lighter and wearing a size 10. She says she is not done yet!!! Loving her new body, new cloths, new energy!
Kim has recently become an ambassador to get her products at wholesale cost. She enjoys telling her family and friends all about Plexus products and getting them healthy.

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